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Why choose Solar Power?

Energy Benefits
A 5kW Solar Plant can run the following for a 7 storey building:

20 LED's

(Staircase & Common Lighting) for 12 hours.
Saving upto 1600 units yearly.

Single Lift

(Passenger Lift) for 24 hours.
Saving upto 4500 units yearly.

Water Pump

(Suppling water to the tank) for 5 hours.
Saving upto 2200 units yearly.

Environmental Benefits

5kWp Solar Plant

= Saving 1,275 barrels of crude

: Reduce 175 MT CO2 Emission

: Saving 250 Trees

Why choose Rotate Lifestyles?

Our aim is to generate energy for the future. We distribute solar energy solutions catering to Client’s from across different sectors. Our moto is to empower nation to a better tomorrow and a fruitful today.

Complete in-house Solar Expertise

Superior Technology

Financial Assistance

No regulatory worries

Onestop Solution

Hassle free & quick installation

Management Expertise


Our Products

Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Pump

Solar Street Light

Solar Air conditioner

Solar System

Returns On Investment?

Save upto Rs 86,000/- p.a. with a 5kw solar system

Covert your electricity bill into East EMI

free electricity for 25 years after a payback period of 3-4 years

increase in property value

Our Management

Mukesh Chetram Agrawal


Sanket Mukesh Agrawal


Urmila Mukesh Agrawal


Vivek Bharat Agrawal

International Business Administrator

Our Vision & Mission

To be a responsible leader in providing clean energy solutions for sustaining the Earth To make SOLAR for every home, school, hospital, residential and commercial building and rooftop. To reach every city and village in India.
To be India’s leading renewable energy company providing the most innovative clean energy solutions to our clients.

Execute and operate our projects efficiently and maintain the highest standards of quality, safety and environmental sustainability.

Some of Our Ventures

Founded & Established in 1990
Manufactures & Exporters of Mens Trousers and Jeans in over 15 countries.

Maruti Group & ARC Developers
(Real Estate)
Founded & Established in 2000
Developers of Residential and Commercial Projects.

Cafe Bollywood & MAXX
(Food & Hospitality)
Founded & Established in 2000
Suruchi Foods Having its outlets in more than 60 metro & non-metro malls and high streets.

How Solar Grid Tie System Works?